Friday, October 11, 2019

5 Amazing whatsapp secret tricks,WhatsApp photos will not be visible in the phone's gallery

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      WhatsApp remains the most favorite instant messaging app of millions of users around the world at the moment. Users use it a lot to stay connected with friends and family. WhatsApp also keeps bringing new updates to improve the in-app experience of users. New features are added to the app through updates, but WhatsApp also has some tricks through which the fun of chatting can be doubled. Here we are telling you about some such WhatsApp tricks.

Remove images and videos from a group or chat
On WhatsApp, you can delete text messages as well as stickers, GIFs, or any sent or received media file from a particular contact or group. This will also increase the space of your phone. For this, you have to go to WhatsApp settings and go to the data and storage usage option. Tap on storage here. By doing this, a list of media chats of minimum size will be prepared. Here you can find the storage information taken by one group or contact. With this you can clear the storage by going to the free up space option given below. Here you can choose which chat you want to keep and which to delete.

Hide WhatsApp photos and videos from Gallery
There is definitely something in the contact list of every user, by which the photos and videos sent need to be hidden. Usually users delete such photos and videos. However, we are telling you how you can keep those photos and videos in the phone itself and no one will be able to see it. For this, you have to go to chat and tap on a group or contact. Here you will get the option of media visibility. Make it 'No'. After doing this, any subsequent media files will not appear in the phone's gallery.
Share live location for 8 hours
Nowadays, WhatsApp is also being used to share users location. To share the location, do not go to the attachment option given in the chat. Here you will get the option of share location. On tapping on it, you will get the option of 'Share Live Location' on your mobile screen.
Share files between PC and phone
You can use WhatsApp to download files to PCs and phones. For this, you have to turn on WhatsApp web on your computer. Scan the QR code and sync the phone and WhatsApp web. After doing this you will be able to view the media files of WhatsApp chat on the computer. You can also download them by clicking.
Limit whatsapp data
WhatsApp allows users to set data limits. For this, go into the data and storage option given in the WhatsApp setting. Here you can choose which media file you want to download automatically and which not. Here you can also set whether the media files are downloaded automatically on the mobile Internet or on the Wi-Fi network.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

How to watch videos on YouTube without buffering? SMART BHARAT

After internet data became cheaper, Indian users have started seeing much more online content. The video platform that is used to watch online content is YouTube. All types of videos are available on YouTube and it adjusts and recommences them according to the user's preference. There are many times when hours are spent watching videos on YouTube and it is not even known.

There are also occasions when it is difficult to watch videos on YouTube due to poor mobile network because the weak network does not allow the video to play further. If you too have trouble watching YouTube videos due to network issue, then today we will tell you some tricks through which you will be able to enjoy watching videos comfortably on YouTube even in bad network.

There are two ways to watch videos on YouTube without buffering:
1- Clear YouTube cache
2- Change the video quality

·       1.First of all go to Chrome browser on your phone, tablet or desktop.
·       2.Tap on the three lines given in the menu option.
·       3.After that, go to History on the phone and tap on Clear Browsing Data.
·       4.If you run YouTube on desktop, then go to More Tools and tap on Clear Browsing Data.

·       5.Android, Mac and PC users can also select the time range to delete the data. However, it is not available on iPhones.

·       6.Select cookies and site data and cached image and files option.

·       7.Then click on Clear Data.
·       8.To change the video quality, tap the gear icon on the bottom right or top right of the YouTube video.

·       9.Here you have to select low resolution for the video. By doing this, the video will play faster than before.

·       This feature is not available for desktop.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

how to increase battery life on android phones . SMART BHARAT

Android smart phones have changed a lot in the last two decades and have improved from device design to software. However, without the battery of any device all the features and hardware are useless. Many updates have not been seen in the battery technology of smart phones, so the batteries that come with more capacity and fast charge support are not enough. Some settings and modes can be changed to ensure good backup from the battery of the device. If many tips users do not know, then, despite knowing some, do not follow these tips.

Dose mode users are available on all Android devices in Android 6.0 and above. This mode prevents apps and processing from running in the background to save battery while not using the phone. In such a situation, access to the network is blocked for some apps, and if you want, you can also go to the settings and select which app can run in the background as well. You do not want all the apps to be closed when you keep your phone separate due to dose mode, because in this case you will not get notifications of messaging or social media apps. For this, you have to go to Settings and go to Battery Optimizer.

Dose mode
Go to Settings on your Android device and select 'Apps and notifications'. Scrolling down here will give you an advanced option, where you can select special app access. On selecting battery optimization here, you will see a list of all the apps which are not optimized in dose mode. Here, tap on the 'not optimized' option shown above and select 'All Apps'. Here on most apps you will see the label 'Optimizing Battery Use'. In this list, you can select the apps that you want to keep out of dose mode.

Adoptive Brightness
Smartphone screen consumes the most battery. The larger the screen of the phone, the brighter and higher the resolution, the more power it will need. If your phone has auto mode for screen brightness, then use it. The latest smartphones have an option of adaptive batteries and adaptive brightness. Go to Battery in the device's Settings and tap on 'Adaptive Battery'. Similarly, by going into the display, you can enable it by tapping on the adaptive display.

Third party apps
If you want to save the battery of the device then the help of third party apps can be taken. There are many apps on Play Store that claim to save battery and many of them are also effective. Accu Battery and Greenfly are among such apps. While the incubator gives you the necessary notifications while understanding your battery usage, optimizing it tells you how long the smartphone can be used according to the battery. The Greenfly app hibernates the rest of the apps and they can't afford the battery. You can add unnecessary apps to Greenfly yourself.
Uninstall useless apps

After going into the app drawer of the smartphone, you have to uninstall those apps which you do not use or are bored using now. The less apps the phone has, the less battery will also be spent. Apart from this, you can see which app uses the most battery by going to the battery in the settings. You can disable such apps or even remove them as per the requirement.

Battery saver

Most smart phones have a separate battery saver. Its job is to keep the phone on for maximum time even after saving less battery. Due to this, it stops many services like GPS after coming to the fixed battery percentage. You can decide what percentage of battery saver mode of the device will be turned on after saving the battery.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Mi A3 vs Realme 5 Pro, full review on SMART BHARAT

Hello readers, welcome to SMART BHARAT. Today we are review on Mi A3 vs Realme 5 Pro
Xiaomi Mi A3 has been launched in India. Xiaomi Mi A3 is the only variant of Xiaomi Mi CC9e launched in China last month. Talking about the important features of Mi A3, it includes triple rear camera setup, Waterdrop-Notch, 4,030 mAh battery and Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor. For selfie and video calling, the Mi A3 has a 32-megapixel front camera. Xiaomi Mi A3 will compete with Realme 5 Pro in the market. Based on price and specification, which is better in Mi A3 and Realme 5Pro? Let's know

In India, the price of 4GB RAM + 64GB storage variants of Mi A3 has been fixed at Rs 12,999 and 6 GB RAM + 128GB storage variants have been priced at Rs 15,999. Three color variants of Mi A3 have been launched - Not Just Blue, More Than White and Kind of Gray.
On the other hand, the price of Reality 5 Pro will start from Rs 13,999 in India. This price is of 4 GB RAM / 64 GB storage variant. The 6 GB RAM / 64 GB storage variant of this phone is priced at Rs 14,999. The most powerful variant of the smartphone will come with 8 GB RAM / 128 GB storage. It will be sold for Rs 16,999. Reality 5 Pro will be available in Crystal Blue and Crystal Green colors.
Xiaomi Mi A3 and Realme 5 Pro have many similar specifications but there are many differences between the two phones. The Mi A3 smartphone with dual-sim (Nano) runs Android 9 Pie out-of-the-box. It has a 6.08 inch HD + (720x1520 pixels) AMOLED display. Its aspect ratio is 19: 9. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is used on the top.
Dual-SIM Realme 5 Pro runs on Color OS 6.0 based on Android 9 Pie. It has a 6.3-inch full-HD + (1080x2340 pixels) display. It has the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3+. In A3, there will be an in-display fingerprint sensor, while the fingerprint sensor will be available on the rear of Realme 5 Pro.
For speed and multitasking, the Mi A3 has up to 6 GB of RAM with Snapdragon 665 processor. Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 712 chip set has been used in Reality 5 Pro. There are 4 GB, 6 GB and 8 GB RAM options for Jugalbandi. Xiaomi has launched two storage variants of Mi A3 - one 64 GB and the other 128 GB storage variants. With the help of MicroSD card it will be possible to increase the storage. Reality 5 Pro's inbuilt storage has two options - 64 GB and 128 GB. If required, it will be possible to use a microSD card up to 256 GB.

Now talk about the camera setup of A3. There are three rear cameras on the back of the phone, a 48-megapixel primary sensor with aperture F / 1.79, an 8-megapixel secondary sensor with wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel camera sensor for depth sensing. Waterdrop Notch has a 32 megapixel front camera for selfie and video calling.

Realme 5 Pro has four rear cameras. The primary camera is 48 megapixels. It comes with phase detection auto focus and f / 1.8 aperture. It has an 8 megapixel sensor with F / 2.25 aperture. It also has a 119 degree wide-angle lens. The quad camera setup also has a 2-megapixel macro lens and a 2-megapixel portrait lens. Electronic image stabilization is also a part of this phone. Realme 5 Pro has a 16-megapixel camera on the front panel. Its aperture is F / 2.0.

The Mi A3 has a 4,030 MAH battery that supports 18 W fast charge, but the company has given a 10 W charger in the retail box. The Realme 5 Pro has a 4035 mAh battery that supports  3.0 fast charging tech. A 20 Watt fast charger is available in the retail box.
Now the matter of dimension. The length of width of A3 is 153.48x71.85x8.475 millimeters and weighing 173.8 grams. On the other hand, the dimensions of the Realme 5 Pro smartphone are 157x74.2x8.9 millimeters and weighing 184 grams.

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