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secret whatsaap trick,see who is your best buddy in whastapp .

Whatsapp is the most commonly used messaging app in the whole world, more than one people are using their daily lives. Whether it is a normal conversation or a media share, to be connected to professional groups or to share important documents, we are doing the Whatsapp way, as if no one thought earlier.

secret whatsaap trick,see who is your best buddy in whastapp .

The biggest way to connect with WhatsApp people is to become a cooler medium. We keep chatting in the group from many personal groups in our Whatsapp. But have you ever thought of who is this, for which we chat most or share a media file. Or is that the group in which you live the most involve? Let's know how we can know which individual or the group is living with the majority of them -

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1. Open the Whatsapp app in your phone.

2. Three dot-view courtyard at the top of the display when you open Whatsapp.

3. Now go into payment. If you are using the iPhone then double tap on the home page at the bottom of the page can be accessed in a straight set.

4. Go to the option of Data End Storage Usage here.

5. Now tap on storage usage.

You will now get a list of groups and contacts, which will be ranked on the basis of data usage on chat. Here you can see that you want to share or have the most media share with the group or the individual.

Another advantage of this is also that it shows which Sideshow group is using data without meaning. In order to avoid missing files, you can go to and download for automatic downloads.


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