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Whatsapp Stickers , learn how to create your own stickers.

Whatsapp chat can not be interesting all the time. Sometimes you may have to be compelled to talk to someone because you were caught online or you do not want to look harsh for ignoring the conversation. Whatever the case, Whatsapp has found a new way to spice up your dull chat-sticker.

how to create your own stickers.
how to create your own stickers.

These stickers can not only make a lingering chat interesting, but you can also do them while chatting with your friends to add more fun to the conversation.

Whatsapp has rolled these stickers with a pack of 12 popular stickers, which are Kappi, Saltin, Como, Bibimap Friends, Uchi and Roli, Shiba Inu, The Maldorites, Cocoa, Hatch, Fearless and Fabulous, Banana and Biscuit. But you can add more stickers in the pack because the app also supports third party stickers. Whatsapp stickers are in addition to the existing gifs and emoji available in the app.

Want to add more stickers in  your list, tap  Plus icon and go to get more stickers. You will be directed to the Play Store or App Store page where you can see a list of free and some chargable support sticker packs. By adding a sticker pack for whatsapp you can add whatever they want.

With Whatsapp Stickers you can do another interesting work, change your photos in a whatsapp sticker. Yes it's possible. You can use third party sticker makers to make one. Here's how you can convert your photos into a sticker.

- Click your photos first with the desired expression.

- Use any device to erase the background of your image.

- Crop that image and save it in PNG format.

- Now download an app that creates any third-party stickers from Play Store and add your photo to your list.

- Once done, your picture will automatically appear in the list of stickers. Use them and have fun.

Whatsapp users who have not yet received the sticker feature, the update is available on the latest version of Whatsapp. Go to Play Store and just update your chat app.

To start using WhatsApp Sick sticker, go to your Play Store / App Store and update the app first. Once updated, tap Whatsapp, tap Emoji button, and then tap the bottom sticker icon next to the GIF icon.


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