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how to get three features in one button, SMART BHARAT

If you have turned on the feature phone, then you will know that many shortcuts have been given on the feature phone's 'hard key' button. But the shortcut in smartphones coming to the present time is quite small. If you want, you can create your own shortcuts with the help of some special apps found on Google Play store. Let's know about them.


Buttons remapper

With this app on Google Play store, you can create as many shortcuts as you want. Also, there are two versions available from which the premium version is available. The premium version has to be paid for. Download the free Buttons remapper (no root) app that is available for free. After opening it, when the first app opens, there will be a special option on top of the screen. It has to be activated. After this, first open the app to create the shortcut, then click on the marker on the bottom right side. After this there will be two options. Choose from above option. Then  New Agency's name pop up opens. Inside the main key you will find, click on it, you will come across a list of all the options where you can set the shortcut.

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After choosing one, log  option online below. To activate it, click on it. Even the time of long action can be changed. Then click OK. You can create as many shortcuts as you want by adopting this process. With this help you can prepare your timeless shortcuts on home back, resort applications, camera and TV. Even on this one button can have two shortcuts set. Clicking on a simple click and the other is a lodge.

Menu Key Remapper

Menu Key Remapper (no root) app more menu than Buttons remapper . This device has four click options of buttons. For example, a device will open on a click. Second device will open with two clicks. Also, three clicks will be exposed when clicking on the button three times. If needed, the fourth option will be openly exposed on the four clicks. In this option you can include phone settings or  You can find this  app on  Google Play Store for free.

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