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How to Use Facebook Messenger Without Create a Facebook Account

How to Use FacebookMessenger Without   Create  a Facebook Account

Facebook feeds can often give rise to an information overload. There are times when you can not stop yourself from checking the social networking site several times a day. You may be thinking of leaving Facebook entirely.

How to Use FacebookMessenger Without   Create  a Facebook Account

              Then you feel that you want to be in touch with some people who are not on any other platform . To do this, follow these steps:

Open Facebook's Inactive Account Page.Ignore photos of people who will remember you and scroll down to the bottom.The last option says that you can continue using Facebook Messenger despite deactivating your account. Make sure it is not checked and leave it as it is.

Scroll down and hit Deactivate.

Now your Facebook account will be deactivated.

Don;t worry . There is ur Facebook data will be safe until you are ready to log in again. 

Open Facebook Messenger on your smartphone or login through the website on your PC. Your old Facebook credentials still work for it. You will see that you can continue to interact with all your friends.

In this way, you can get rid of Facebook without losing any of your data and keep in touch with your friends.

If you have disabled your account and you use Messenger, then it does not activate your Facebook account. Your friends will be able to contact you only through the Messenger app or Facebook chat window.

If you do not have a Facebook account yet and you want to use Messenger, then follow these steps.

Download Facebook Messenger on your phone.Open the app and enter your phone number. Tap Continue You will get a password code through SMS to confirm your mobile number . Once you do this, you can take the keys of your friends' phone numbers and start messaging  them.


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