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How To Link Your Driving License With Your Aadhaar Online

How To Link Your Driving License With Your Aadhaar Online

Aadhaar card is used as the identity of citizens in India and due to being associated with many government schemes, this important identity document has been created. However, Aadhaar is not a proof of identity of citizenship in India, but it identifies housing and identity. At the same time, to ensure that government schemes get the benefit of the right people, the foundation has been linked with several schemes. Card holders get the benefit of many schemes only after base verification.


The basis for many works like income tax returns filing has been made compulsory. Similarly, the government has simplified the process of linking Aadhaar card to the driving license. The driving license is given by the Ministry of Highways and Ministry of Road Transport and the Government has given an easy alternative to the citizens to link it with the base. If you wish, follow a few steps online and link the driver's license to the base. For this, you have to follow these steps,

1.Visit the official website of the Road Transport Department of your State or Union Territory.

 2.Click the link base button now.

3.Select 'Driving License' option from drop down menu here.

4. Enter your driving license number here and click on the 'Get Details' tab.

Here you will find details of your driver's license.

5. Now enter the 12 digits base number and registered mobile number here.

6.Keep in mind that this should be the same mobile number that you have linked with the base.

 Now click Submit.

7.After this you will receive an OTP at the same number, after confirming that you have to confirm.

8. After confirming these details, you will get confirmation message on email id and mobile number.

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