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5 Amazing whatsapp secret tricks,WhatsApp photos will not be visible in the phone's gallery

Hello frnds, welcome to SMART BHARAT .Today we have brought something related to WhatsApp secret tips for you. Hope you will like it and how you felt this tips, we will definitely write a comment.     

      WhatsApp remains the most favorite instant messaging app of millions of users around the world at the moment. Users use it a lot to stay connected with friends and family. WhatsApp also keeps bringing new updates to improve the in-app experience of users. New features are added to the app through updates, but WhatsApp also has some tricks through which the fun of chatting can be doubled. Here we are telling you about some such WhatsApp tricks.

Remove images and videos from a group or chat
On WhatsApp, you can delete text messages as well as stickers, GIFs, or any sent or received media file from a particular contact or group. This will also increase the space of your phone. For this, you have to go to WhatsApp settings and go to the data and storage usage option. Tap on storage here. By doing this, a list of media chats of minimum size will be prepared. Here you can find the storage information taken by one group or contact. With this you can clear the storage by going to the free up space option given below. Here you can choose which chat you want to keep and which to delete.

Hide WhatsApp photos and videos from Gallery
There is definitely something in the contact list of every user, by which the photos and videos sent need to be hidden. Usually users delete such photos and videos. However, we are telling you how you can keep those photos and videos in the phone itself and no one will be able to see it. For this, you have to go to chat and tap on a group or contact. Here you will get the option of media visibility. Make it 'No'. After doing this, any subsequent media files will not appear in the phone's gallery.
Share live location for 8 hours
Nowadays, WhatsApp is also being used to share users location. To share the location, do not go to the attachment option given in the chat. Here you will get the option of share location. On tapping on it, you will get the option of 'Share Live Location' on your mobile screen.
Share files between PC and phone
You can use WhatsApp to download files to PCs and phones. For this, you have to turn on WhatsApp web on your computer. Scan the QR code and sync the phone and WhatsApp web. After doing this you will be able to view the media files of WhatsApp chat on the computer. You can also download them by clicking.
Limit whatsapp data
WhatsApp allows users to set data limits. For this, go into the data and storage option given in the WhatsApp setting. Here you can choose which media file you want to download automatically and which not. Here you can also set whether the media files are downloaded automatically on the mobile Internet or on the Wi-Fi network.

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