How to watch videos on YouTube without buffering? SMART BHARAT

After internet data became cheaper, Indian users have started seeing much more online content. The video platform that is used to watch online content is YouTube. All types of videos are available on YouTube and it adjusts and recommences them according to the user's preference. There are many times when hours are spent watching videos on YouTube and it is not even known.

There are also occasions when it is difficult to watch videos on YouTube due to poor mobile network because the weak network does not allow the video to play further. If you too have trouble watching YouTube videos due to network issue, then today we will tell you some tricks through which you will be able to enjoy watching videos comfortably on YouTube even in bad network.

There are two ways to watch videos on YouTube without buffering:
1- Clear YouTube cache
2- Change the video quality

·       1.First of all go to Chrome browser on your phone, tablet or desktop.
·       2.Tap on the three lines given in the menu option.
·       3.After that, go to History on the phone and tap on Clear Browsing Data.
·       4.If you run YouTube on desktop, then go to More Tools and tap on Clear Browsing Data.

·       5.Android, Mac and PC users can also select the time range to delete the data. However, it is not available on iPhones.

·       6.Select cookies and site data and cached image and files option.

·       7.Then click on Clear Data.
·       8.To change the video quality, tap the gear icon on the bottom right or top right of the YouTube video.

·       9.Here you have to select low resolution for the video. By doing this, the video will play faster than before.

·       This feature is not available for desktop.

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